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Powering necessities in Africa

What we do

Partnering up with pan-African and pan-European Telecom and mobile money leader Orange, Dotted Square is a global digital marketplace directly connecting the African diaspora with merchants in Africa, so they can provide for their families back home.

From across Europe and soon the USA, you can buy the necessities for your family back home directly from merchants in Africa, all from the comfort of your couch!



Cote d'Ivoire

More Money, Less Headaches!

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Peace of mind.

Whether it's food, medicine, or paying school tuitions, your money always makes it to who and what you intended it for, without delays.

Stretch every dollar.

Every dollar counts. More money means more for your family. And that’s why we ensure you get the most out of your money, by offering the lowest cross-border, and processing fees.


As a provider, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you made a difference. That’s why we track for you the total amount of goods and services you purchased for your family so you know your real impact.

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What sets us apart

Dotted Square reaches the last mile, where 70%+ of the population in Africa lives but traditional remittance solutions and mobile money have failed. We are committed to driving the African economy from the inside, fostering the GDP of remote areas supported by remittances.