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Francois de Laigue

Chief Executive Officer

Francois de Laigue is President and CEO of Dotted Square Inc., a NY-based company powering governments, businesses, and NGOs with blockchain-based technology and advisory that solve real-world problems in unprecedented ways. After spending 20 years imagining and creating what the next decade will look like for global companies including Microsoft, Orange France Telecom, British Telecom, Accenture, Proctor & Gamble, Red Hat and several startups, Francois knows that technology alone does not solve problems but properly molded, it can change the world and make it a better place. Francois is a seasoned Internet executive, expert at envisioning, building, launching and scaling technology businesses globally. Francois holds an MS from MIT, and an MS from prestigious Ecole Polytechnique, Paris.

Affiliations: MIT, Microsoft, AudienceScience / Proctor & Gamble, Accenture, Innovacom Venture Capital, Orange France Telecom.

Matthieu Labour

Chief Technology Officer

Technology is Matt’s business. He is a seasoned senior executive who has run technology for large and small companies, including Publicis Media, one of the world’s largest multinational advertising and public relations companies, where he built a large-scale distributed infrastructure to transact billions of online ads around the world in real time. He also has experience building high-throughput, low-latency systems used by Wall Street traders from various companies, including Merrill Lynch and Thomson Reuters. Matthieu co-founded Fintech company Strateer. He was engineer #1 at ActionX and head of tech, sold to global advertising company WPP. Matthieu holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from leading French engineering school ECAM.

Affiliations: Merrill Lynch, Publicis Media, ABN AMRO Bank N.V., Thomson Reuters, Strateer, ECAM.

Renaud Desferet

Chief Data Officer

Game theory. Computer science. Cryptography. Hacking. That’s what Renaud eats for breakfast. Renaud is one of a kind. He combines the experience of running a data science division for multi-billion-dollar global company Publicis Media with a secret past as a high-stakes poker player. Renaud designed his own algorithms, beating the world’s best poker players. He also has a background in finance, working as a quant at AXA. Renaud is an advisor for startups Trixir and Mutinerie. Renaud holds a master’s in business administration degree from the New York University Stern School of Business and a master’s in science degree from leading French engineering school ENSAE.

Affiliations: Publicis Media, AXA Finance.


Sending money abroad is difficult, costly and can take several days. In the age of the Internet,

Blockchain Ledgers The Missing Link
Anonymous, untraceable transactions. Protocol supported and regulated by central banks. Identity supported as a core part of the protocol. Transactions are fully traceable and auditable.
Borderless transactions. AML and KYC support. All transactions are traceable with appropriate legal approvals.
Monetary policies are disconnected from market needs. Money supply issued and existing on the ledger is controlled and capped. Additions and removals from money supply are only made by the Central Bank.


Privacy first

Using advanced distributed blockchain methods available only since 2013, the DottedSquare Secure ID (TM) enables the safest storage of identity ever created. Privacy is at the core of the system.

Fully traceable transactions

Our virtual money features a ledger and transactions that only legal persons can conduct. It is supported by the Dotted Square Secure ID (TM).

Advanced compliance

As a central bank or a financial instititution you are battling with MiFID II, GDPR, the GLB Act, cybersecurity, or privacy acts. We’ve got your back. We know your needs are specific to your policy and strategy, and we can help you navigate.


Dotted Square Secure ID

Dotted Square offers the only framework that allows you to both store encrypted data and have it processed without ever having to de-encrypt the data. This means that privacy is always respected. Dotted Square natively supports financial regulatory frameworks such as MiFID II, or data privacy frameworks such as GDPR.

Dotted Square Virtual Money (DSQ VM)

Key features for bankers include:

full traceability

GDPR compliance

MiFID II compliance

Key features for individual users include:

real people can now safely transact between each other


Central Bank and Financial Institution Consulting

With the rise of blockchain, it is more important than ever that Central Bankers and Financial Institutions obtain subject matter expertise and knowledge of blockchain. Dotted Square offers in-depth technical and industry expertise to help you navigate the space and identify areas that require attention.

Deep Expertise

across technology, finance, analytics


services to plan out virtual currency and blockchain approaches

ID and Ledger

technology development services


to identify and track fraud and compliance

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